1. We fund projects that further our aims with specific, concrete objectives.

2. We will fund anyone within the United States.

3. Scholarships are granted for enrollment in an institution, commitment to private courses, or pursuit of an M.A. or PhD. They are not usually granted for undergraduate degrees.

4. Our zakat application is not project-specific and supports teachers and students within the U.S. Our zakat is based on the Hanafi school.



The proposal will ask for a project title, description, and the amount of funds requested. We recommend submitting a budget if the project requires a breakdown to fully explain.


We have a quarterly review process but usually reply to a request quickly. During the review, we may ask for clarification about the project, its relevance, or the amount requested, and accordingly seek a modification or proceed unaltered.

Reply and Offer

We will send a contract for acceptance with the manner of funding, timeline, and other terms and conditions. The contact must be accepted within two weeks of the offer.